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 You are interested in hosting a neighbour’s day or a blood drive? You want to know how to register your business? Or you can’t decide which socks to wear this morning? You will find the answers to (nearly) all your questions here. 


Organising a Neighbours’ Day

A neighbours’ gathering? Count me in!

We don’t mess around when it comes to hosting a Neighbours’ Day in Moka. We dot the Is and cross the Ts! The participation of residents contributes to filling the event with joy and a spirit of sharing every year. Here are some tips on how to help.


I set up an organising committee

(or join an existing one). Together, you will choose a location and share the tasks.


I send out the invitations.

The Neighbours’ Day is held every last weekend in November. Send a reminder to your ever-busy neighbours! #padirpanndir.


I bring and share.

Use WhatsApp or Facebook to make sure not everyone brings the same thing. Also think about the equipment required to organise the buffet and drinks.


I bring along the decorations.

With or without a set theme, unleash your originality.


I plan activities for the kids.

There are plenty of ideas, including colouring, puzzles or board games.


I think about the music

to provide a lively atmosphere and entertainment – karaoke is always a solid idea!


I wear a name tag.

To make it easier to interact with one another, ask all guests to wear a name tag.


I go green.

Use reusable instead of disposable items, as well as sorting bins!


I make a checklist.

Dishes, chairs, a shelter in case of rain, etc. Make sure to have everything covered!


To prevent a surprise guest from showing up at the party:

Organising a blood donation

How do I set up a blood drive?

Our country’s blood supply is vitally important. It allows our hospitals and clinics to meet ongoing medical needs (cancers, chronic diseases, etc.) and address emergency situations (accidents, surgeries, etc.).


Organising committee

I set up an organising committee with 2-4 people to oversee the operation.


Blood Donors Association

I get in touch with the Blood Donors Association to guide me through the process.


Organisational strategy

I plan an organisational strategy in collaboration with the association. Leave nothing to chance, including the promotion, recruitment, location, sponsors, etc


Specific goal

I set a specific goal: how many pints are expected?



I choose a convenient and accessible location for the drive. This is essential!


Ideal date

I choose the ideal date. Everyone should be able to participate.


Blood-donor recruiters

I select blood-donor recruiters. They play an essential role in encouraging participation!


Everything runs smoothly

On D-Day, I make sure that everything runs smoothly on site.


Constructive assessment

Once the event is over, I make a constructive assessment with my team.

Mo kamwad, it’s your turn!

Promoting entrepreneurship

Registering a business

How do I start my own business?

You have a business idea, but are not sure where to start to become a successful entrepreneur? There’s nothing to worry about: let us explain to you how to register your business.

Helping businesses grow!

There are plenty of schemes to help entrepreneurs like you grow your business. Here are a few that you may find of interest:

  • The Mauritius Business Growth Scheme
  • The SME Partnership Fund
  • The Leasing Equipment Modernisation Scheme (LEMS)
  • The AFD Green Lending Scheme
  • The Development Bank of Mauritius schemes


Register your business

Register your business with the Registrar of Companies.


Check your company

The Registrar of Companies will inform the relevant bodies (ministries, police, health authorities, etc.) that will check your company and the correctness of the details provided.


To have your company stamp produced.

Bring along your registration certificate and a letter with your name on it to the municipality to have your company stamp produced.


Licences and fees payment

Then make sure that the licences and fees are paid to the relevant authorities (the first payment should be made within 15 days of commencing your business operations).


Register your business with the Social Security services

The final step is to register your business with the Social Security services upon submission of official documents.

That's it!

All you have to do now is to roll up our sleeves and get down to work to bring your ideas to life. Never give up – manz ar li!

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